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Machine translation

Machine translation (MT) is the automatic translation of text from one language to another. With the help of machine translation it is super easy to translate your software into multiple languages within seconds. Because Texterify has built-in machine translation support translating into multiple languages is a no-brainer.

Machine translation in Texterify

Texterify offers several ways how machine translation can be used:

  • Translate all your keys into a different language
  • Get translation suggestions for a language
  • Automatically translate new languages
  • Automatically translate new keys

Get machine translation suggestions in the editor

On the editor site click on a key to translate. Below the second text field you can find the machine translation suggestion for the text in the first text field. By clicking on Use translation the translation is copied second text field. Click on Save changes to save your machine translated text.

Translate all untranslated keys of a language

To translate all text from your default language to an other language click on Machine Translation in the project sidebar. Click on the Translate tab to see all your languages. By clicking on the Translate missing button next to a language all keys without a translation are automatically translated. Please notice that translating all keys using machine translation could take some time.

Automatic machine translation

Go to the project machine translation site and click on the Settings tab. Activate Automatically translate new keys to automatically translate new keys when they are added.

Supported languages

New languages for machine translation are continously added. To get a list of all supported languages go to the machine translation site of your project and click on Get a list of supported languages.