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Add keys

Keys (or often also called string ids or just ids in the context of localization) are the identifiers you use in your software to support multiple languages. Instead of directly setting the content of a piece of text in your software you use these keys to reference the text for the language of the current user.

When you import translations for a language you automatically also create keys, but you can also add keys manually. Click on Keys in the left sidebar and then click on Create key. Enter the name of the key and optionally a description to help others understand the context during translation. If you have set a default language you can also directly add a translation for that language as shown below.

Add a key

HTML support

You can also mark the key as an HTML key. By setting this option translators will be presented with a WYSIWYG (short for "what you see is what you get") editor when trying to translate a HTML key. The editor offers the following features:

  • Paragraph
  • Ordered list
  • Unordered list
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Code