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Getting started

What is Texterify?

Texterify is a localization management platform, or often also called translation management system (TMS), that makes it super easy to translate your app, website and other software into multiple languages. Our goal is to make software localization as easy as possible. Manage all your translations in one single place. Texterify is available as a cloud solution, managed by the people who built it (sign up here), but you can also host it on-premise in your own infrastructure so you are not dependent on others. Texterify is a best fit for every situation.

If you ever miss a feature or have problems with something just create a GitHub issue here or send us an email to We are here to help and look forward to your feedback.


We offer a super clean dark mode in Texterify that can be activated/deactivated anytime. Learn more here on how to activate it. You can also toggle the dark mode of the docs you are currently reading in the upper right corner.