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Create a project

There are two types of projects you can create:

  • private projects and
  • projects as part of an organization

The difference between organizational projects and private projects is that organizational projects share the permissions and settings of the organization they are part of. You can later still transfer projects to other users or organizations so don't worry.


Premium features are not available for private projects

Create a private project#

To create a project click the Create project button on the projects page.

Create a private project

Fill out the form to create your project. You can change all of this information later on so don't worry. After creating the project you will be presented with the dashboard of your new project.

Create a project within an organization#

When you create a project as part of an organzation all users automatically get access to the project with the access rights they have in the organization.

To create a project within your organization you need to first select the organization. On the organization dashboard you can create a new project by clicking Create project.

Create a project within an organization

The steps for creating an organizational project are then the same as for private projects.