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Version: 1.2.0


Different languages have different pluralization rules. While for example English has one singular and one plural form ("1 cat" vs "2 cats") other languages have more forms than that. There are even languages that have only one form at all. Texterify offers you the possibility to manage all the different plural forms and export them in the correct format for your target platform.

Texterify does this by following the official CLDR Plural Rules. These rules are based around the following plural forms:

  • zero
  • one
  • two
  • few
  • many
  • other (general plural form or if the language has only a single form)

Depending on the language the available plural forms differ.

How to activate plural forms

To make use of plural forms you need to enable pluralization for a key. You can do this while adding a new key

Enable pluralization while adding a new key

or afterwards in the keys view (see Enable or disable pluralization).

After activation you are presented with different plural form fields to enter your translations. The plural form fields differ for different languages.


The shown plural fields depend on the language code you set for your language. If you don't see the correct plural fields according to CLDR Plural Rules check if you have set the correct language code of your language.